Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African based company as of 1996. Its founding members and leaders are Dr (Senator) EA Girardeau, of Jacksonville Florida and Dr PB Cossie. The Company was initially registered to advance and finance development projects in Africa. Presently our founder and CEO, Dr Paul Biire Cossie, has expanded the company into world scale investment, finance, economic development andimport and export, facilitating the business world to come together and mutually agree with his concept for various international development programs into Africa.

The two leaders and founder members of the company, both have their academic backgrounds originally in Medicine. Dr EA Girardeau is a Dentist and Dr PB Cossie a Physician. Presently, the company is fully managed and directed internationally by Dr PB Cossie, who expanded it into other continents namely Europe, China, most Africa States, Middle East and South America. The company forged from hard work, together with global business contacts and friends who contribute in the discerning field of professional business, delivers a broad range proposal that will benefit the leaders seeking serious success in the field of development. Chore-Time Brock International is a company that has proven that hard work together with persistent and well focused dedication can deliver the most desired results all the time.

We adhere to the UN Convention on Contracts for the sale of International Goods (1980), ICC rules and customs, Inco terms 2000 (International Chamber of Commerce publication 560) and the lexmercatoria (incorporating the 2004 UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the 2003 Principles of European Contract Law). Our core business consists of Finance & Economic development Consultation, Project Management and Import and Export. We are able to initiate and set up rural and non rural developments that include housing, centres for shopping and social infrastructure development, for example roads, schools,hospitals and water purifying infrastructures. We are also connected to various philanthropic organizations and on the green side we offer wind solar alternatives for semi-or-no-grid areas.

Our divisions have enriched Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd with highly placed individuals and contacts internationally. The initial intention of the company was to assist in various project developments financially since the company has links with the African Project Development Facility (APDF), a division of the International Finance Corporation.

Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd has been financing private projects in the past in collaboration with the Bicknapahari Trust Ag. of Switzerland. His Highness Bicknapahari and Dr PB Cossie worked closely together on various successful African Finance and Development Projects. The company has been instrumental in different types of projects in Africa, ranging from training of qualified individuals to assist in Global Democratic Governance, Financing of Development Projects, Negotiation and Implementing Financial instruments for projects and developments in Africa, selecting and conducting due diligence to create a trustworthy corporate environment for foreign investors/investments. Our global network, comprised of specially selected partners. We provide our customers with full access to a wide range of products from different specialities. Wetrade in agricultural and food products, construction and building materials, general supermarket items, Cachaça (Brazilian white rum made out of sugar cane), industrialized Brazilian coffees, meat, chicken (incl. halaal cuts), to name but a few.

Our well experienced and dedicated international support team speaks several languages, through special training and extensive International business programs, making them skilled negotiators on your behalf, as well as experts in International documentation and logistics requirements. This operated and complete in-house system is the guarantee that Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd is able to source and to deliver all products to your indicated premises cost effectively and in a timelier manner than our competitors. We will work closely with you to fully understand all your requirements and to manage your delivery program with a fully dedicated and tailor made service plan.