Finance & Economic Development

Our company has a history in finance on a broad spectrum of projects spanning from Aviation, Infrastructure development, Energy, Agriculture, IT, Mining, with inclusive knowledge of all aspects of Finance for these economic development projects globally. Our partners in finance range from European finance groups, United States of America, and various Angel investment groups. Our Mutual intention is to finance various economic development projects around the world, with soft loans ranging from 50,000.00 USD to 1 billion USD. On equity projects, corporate finance and all such projects that assist in progressing with the uplifting of the economies of communities.

To enable us reach our goal, we have partnered with like minded groups worldwide to propel this to a higher success rate of not only developing from ground breaking level but also finding successful finance for approved projects of any size.

Dr Paul Biire Cossie the founder and CEO of Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd is an expert in procuring the best solutions for any international finance and development challenge of any scale. Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd aged very well in its 15 years doing business in and out of Africa, our professionals are handpicked by the CEO and Founder Dr Paul Biire Cossie. Our global team is enriched with massive skills to design, finance and implement various projects. Our innovative team consists of experience individuals from all fields of endeavor in business, development and the reconstruction of old International airports to a new splendor and bringing the world to the doorstep of their partnerships on affordable international concept known as the low budget airlines/airports.

The scope of development is really one without limits, eg. Housing, Roads, Schools, Hospitals, Solar and Wind power solutions. Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd is a very green company, therefore our corporate intentions are more directed towards renewable energy process and stipulated by the international renewable energy organization, IREO of the UN.

Latest Developments