International Consultants

Believe in people with vision that wants to build a better tomorrow. Our representatives are fully tested and highly connected individuals spread out in all corners of the globe. We can provide information ranging from Economic Development Intelligence, Corporate Investment, Financial and Investment advice for foreign companies, Import and Export market identification, advice on local tools in many African countries for progressive market and a Cordial Investment atmosphere. We do give assistance in a Consultancy Environment. With an extensive knowledge of the entire mechanic’s of International Business and what it takes to break ground for new ideas and products, consulting with us is a logical choice.

We are able to provide you the highest quality products in their category as well as alternative / new brands, so you can diversify the pricing and be always competitive. Our selected suppliers are required to meet rigorous international standards and have gone through an extensive evaluation process. The product evaluation makes sure that all products attend to your required quality a rigorous product quality is demanded by us continuously and delivery must be reliable and timely. To become an approved supplier for Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd all of them must also have good standing business records.

We offer and bring to you a worldwide support of tailor made and seamless experience and Chore-Time Brock International (Pty) Ltd provides you with the sourcing expertise to always attend your needs.